Culture-Specific Analysis Tools

This is an open-source Turkish Makam Music Signal Processing Project. It contains some codes, implementations and algorithms which are developed by independent coders. (Exp : TarsosDSP Yin Implementation by Joren Six, )

This is the component of a music tuition software project that is a tool that helps users to improve their skills to perform music. This thesis aims at developing a computer based interactive tuition system specifically for Turkish music. The tuition system will not be a comprehensive educational system but is limited to the implementation of a system that helps the user to learn from a recording uploaded by the user. This involves implementation of pitch analysis and visualisation tools that can work real-time and provide a visual feedback to the user for comparison of the user input signal and the reference recording. By creating a culture-based information file, software can be used for different traditional music theories, such as Arab, Iran, Asia etc.

It’s still being developed for M,Sc. thesis on Bahcesehir University,Turkey.

Designed, developed and implemented by Bilge Miraç ATICI
Supervised by Barış BOZKURT