I am Bilge Miraç ATICI. I was born in İzmir on February 9 1990. I have studied Electronics Engineering at Ankara University in my bachelor’s degree. My graduation project was titled as “Design and Re-implementation of Opto-Coupled Audio Signal Dynamic Range Compressor” which was funded by Ankara University Scientific Research Center. I have studied Audio Technologies (MSc.) in Bahçeşehir University. In addition, I had been working as a researcher in the CompMusic Project for 2 years, which has being carried out by Music Technology Group – Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Recently, I had been giving lectures about physics of sound, recording techniques and electronics for sound engineers in Yıldız Technical University and SAE Institute Istanbul.


My main interests are signal processing and software development. While I was having my master’s degree, I have developed the desktop and mobile applications for music signal analysis. Java programming language is mostly used in these projects. I’m also highly intended to develop web services and applications. In order to get more experience for it, I have been using a cloud server based on Ubuntu 14.04, hosted by Digital Ocean Inc. I am also interested in using Raspberry Pi single-board computer for signal processing applications and software developments for the education of children. That’s why I’m familiar with Linux OS-family and remote control techniques via terminal commands. My hobbies are UAV’s, smart home systems, Internet of Things, embedded systems and robotic applications.


Java (SE, EE)
Raspberry Pi